Beer & Chocolate Pairing Events


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Beer… chocolate… two of my favourite food groups!


Beer pairings have a way of waking up your palate, and it’s so much fun to watch people’s faces as they discover how well beer can be paired with chocolate.


Together we explore the 3 “C’s” – Cut, Contrast and Complement

  • “Cut” is when the beer cuts the richness of the chocolate, cleansing your palette
  • “Contrast” is pairing sweet with bitter
  • “Complement” is matching the flavours in the beer with the flavours in the chocolate


Beer and Chocolate EventWine enthusiasts have been savouring the sensory experience of food pairings for centuries. It’s time for beer to share the spotlight. Eureka Beer Guide can host these events in a licensed premise, corporate office or in a private home.


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PS: We also have a Beer and Cheese Event. Oh yeah!