Beer & Cheese Pairing Events


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Wine Pairings are a well known art, but Beer Pairings are just as complex and delicious.

Why do beer and cheese work? Both are traditional farmhouse products, both are aged and fermented, and they both balance sweetness and acidity, with fruitiness and the flavours produced in fermentation. Harmony and contrast are the secrets to matching these flavours.

Together we explore the 3 “C’s” – Cut, Contrast and Complement

• “Cut” is when the beer cuts the richness of the cheese, cleansing your palette
• “Contrast” is pairing sharp or aged cheese with sweet and sour beers
• “Complement” is matching the flavours in the beer with the flavours in the cheese


Beer and Cheese Event

Wine enthusiasts have been savouring the sensory experience of food pairings for centuries. It’s time for beer to share the spotlight. Some experts even say that beer and cheese pairings surpass the traditional combinations of wine and cheese. We can explore this together so you can make up your own mind about what you find most delicious.


Eureka Beer Guide can host these events in a licensed premise, corporate office or in a private home. Contact us at for more information or to book an event like this for your group!


PS: We also have a Beer and Chocolate Event. Oh yeah!