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“Back in 2010, I was facilitating the first Prud’homme Beer Certification program in the West for Sleeman Breweries. It was an exciting time for me as I was launching this world class beer education program with a major brewery. It was also the same time that I saw a light bulb go on in Ken Beattie.

roger mittag

I could see that he actually got my message and we spent the next few years exchanging questions and answers. He was an eager student and I could tell he wanted to make a difference in the beer industry.

In 2012, I had decided to expand my program to the West and was looking for someone I could trust to deliver the passion and knowledge of Prud’homme in a way that was deserving of my students.

As luck would have it, Ken was available and he was my first choice as facilitator. His engaging and vivacious personality makes him a natural teacher and his vast experience in the world of beer only add to his credibility.

I love having Ken as a part of my team as I know he will be able to deliver Prud’homme® Beer Certification to a thirsty

Roger Mittag, Founder of Thirst for Knowledge® & Prud’homme® Beer Certification

Sleeman Breweries was happy to partner with Ken and have our new sales team members Level 1 certified in January. Ken is a very knowledgeable and engaging teacher. His passion for beer and the beer industry is visible throughout sessions.

SB-Logo-2013-Gradient-RGBHighlights for the team were: history of beer, tasting concepts and draught beer quality. Our sales team left the program with increased selling confidence and applicable skills they could use immediately to bring value to their customer relationships.

I highly recommend Ken and the Prud’homme programs to anyone who works in the beverage alcohol industry.

Mike Armstrong
Provincial Sales Manager – Prairies
Sleeman Breweries

Staff education is a tricky concept. Most education comes directly from sales reps and is often based less on beer knowledge and more on brand knowledge. Don’t get me wrong – I find value in brand knowledge, but it helps to know the process before the product. I went through Prud’Homme two years ago and still find myself referring to my notes on a regular basis. Since then, I have had over 50 members of my staff and management go through the Level 1 content with more being signed up on a regular basis. It has become a staff training requirement at our beer-centric locations. The knowledge our staff gain from the program truly translates into a better guest experience. Our staff learn the ins and outs of production in an accessible format. Better beer knowledge means more beer sales.

Trevor Kallies

Bar & Beverage Director – Donnelly Group

Twitter: @tkallies

Tree_LOGO 2013-3
At Tree Brewing we don’t take ourselves to seriously but we take what we do very seriously.  Beer is fun but we are serious about being the best at making it and selling it.  And when it comes to being the best we feel it is important that our sales team has the best knowledge possible about what they are selling.  This is why Tree Brewing is dedicated to training our sales team on more than just our brands but on all aspects of beer from the ingredients, to the history, beer and food pairings and everything that makes beer the best beverage in the world.  For this reason we recently enrolled our entire sales team into the Prud’homme Beer Certification program taught by Ken Beattie.  Despite having over 100 years of sales experience in the room every one of our sales team found great value in the program and everyone left knowing more about beer than they expected.  Ken Beattie was a fantastic instructor who demonstrated his knowledge and passion for beer and kept the team engaged over the 2 days.  I am proud to have an entire sales team that is Level 1 Certified Prud’homme Beer  Enthusiasts and I look forward to our level 2 training!
Chris Stirling
Director of Sales
Tree Brewing


All of our Draught WISE staff has completed the Prud’homme Level One Course. We will have all future employee’s attend and complete both levels. Even for us with our  previous draught experience, we found this course to be informational and very beneficial to our business.  It helps us talk about beer more confidently knowing so many more details beyond our immediate knowledge. I would recommend this class to anyone, beer lovers, drinkers and brewery trades.  Thanks Ken! 

Shelly Plaxton (Sinclair)
Draught WISE Draught Integrity Technicians
Victoria, British Columbia.




What “Certified Prud’homme Beer Enthusiasts” have to say about Level 1

“If you are interested in growing your knowledge of beer or are interested in working in the beer industry, I highly recommend attending the Prud’Homme courses. I am already planning on attending the level 2 session in the fall!”

Nick Martin, Vancity Beer Guy

“I enjoyed the hands-on learning and concepts were explained very clearly. Great to interact with people from a cross-section of industries. Thank you for the WONDERFUL coures!”

Kate E, VCC Hospitality Program Student & Beer Enthusiast

“Ken was very knowledgable and brought his experience and love of beer to the class. I very much enjoyed this course.”

Karina M, Accountant & Beer Enthusiast Ken large group w slides

“Kept me interested the whole time. Provided a good base for the understanding of beer. Really enjoyed the course – makes me want to go on to the next course.”

Kevin H, Immigration Officer & Beer Enthusiast

“I found the course very well structured – subjects were nicely broken up over the four sessions – each day had a theme. Good breadth of knowledge – covered a strong base of all topics. Gave me a lot of insight/background to improve my home brews.”

Dave M, Home Brewer & Beer Enthusiast