The History of Beer Event


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What’s the oldest recipe in the world? Beer!


So much of human civilization had been interwoven with the history of beer. From the hunter gatherers, to the modern day, beer continues to affect and encourage our social circles and culture.


We host a 2 hr workshop, where we take a tour through time, exploring things like…

• how women were the first brewersHistory of Beer Event
• how the Sumerians handed down their beer recipe as a prayer to their beer goddess, Ninkasi
• how an ancient beer was made without hops
• how monks used brewing to sustain the civilization around them
• how the Bavarian Purity Law changed the making of beer
• how Catherine the Great accidentally invented her own royal beer
• how the colonization of India spurred a new pale ale
• how water impurity, geography and troop nutrition have always affected the relationship of war and beer


The tour winds up in modern times, bringing new context and appreciation to the latest releases from our local craft brewers.


Eureka Beer Guide can host these events in a licensed premise, corporate office or in a private home. Contact us at for more information or to book an event like this for your group!